“President Involved in Auto Company Bankruptcy” OR “What’s Wrong with this Headline?”

May 3, 2009

UPDATE 5-6-09: Some great discussions of our descent into Banana Republic thuggery by Michael Barone , Roger Kimball and Jeff Goldstein.  

Others have covered this far better, here, here and here, so I’ll be brief:

What the $#@! is a US President doing involved with the bankruptcy proceedings of a car company, in any way, in any manner, for any reason? Further, he gets to rearrange the terms and conditions to benefit unions who helped him get elected, and forces various banking and investment entities bend over or else suffer the combination of government force, obedient media attack dogs and TARP extortion to make their lives hell? Existing bankruptcy law, hell, the rule of law in general – no longer important or worth paying attention to?

I’ll avoide the obvious “what if Bush did this…” I’ll avoid a call to arms to fellow conservatives/libertarians. This is for liberals and democrats:

Wake up, you useless pack of bleating sheeple, and do it fast. Trust me, no sane human being wants the government wielding this much power and influence, no matter what party, what person, what issue. You won’t be in power forever, and you – and all of us – will rue your timid acquiescence in the face of the most blatant power grab in American history. No matter what your political and cultural leanings, even the farthest left of you cannot think unchecked government power a good thing. It will be in a thousand countless acts like this, almost under the radar of many fellow citizens, that freedom is truly lost. 

Yes, today you think a “greedy executive” or “wall street fatcat” is getting the  shaft. Tomorrow, you’ll find that you are merely a subservient drone, awaiting a contempt-filled bureaucrat’s permission on things affecting your life and happiness, as government burrows into every facet of our lives. Just wait until they totally control health care, energy and education. And you know what? Somehow, the “greedy execs and wall street fat cats” will somehow have all kinds of wealth and influence and power, and will use it to pay off mealy-mouthed politicians who claim to be fighting for you, while making you poorer and less free.

Wake up libs, and remember what you supposedly once believed…