“Save or Create” = “Nonsense”

Your must-read post on the porkulus, er, “stimulus”:


My favorite quote? “You created a situation where you cannot be wrong. If the economy loses 2 million jobs over the next few years, you can say yes, but it would’ve lost 5.5 million jobs. If we create a million jobs, you can say, well, it would have lost 2.5 million jobs. You’ve given yourself complete leverage where you cannot be wrong, because you can take any scenario and make yourself look correct.”

Bear in mind, this is a Democrat senator grilling a Democrat treasury secretary in a Democrat administration. Even among his allies, the President knows his phoney-baloney numbers are generating mostly eye-rolls.

If you don’t already, you must watch Fox whenever Krauthammer is on, because he cuts through the BS like a knife through warm butter. “Pure fantasy” he calls these numbers, and he’s exactly right. It’s gibberish, it’s nonsense on stilts, and thinking adults (heck, thinking junior high kids) should be embarrased when our supposedly “best & brightest” start using numbers pulled from the output end of their alimentary canal, that no only have no connection to reality, but that are completely fake, made-up and silly. There’s no way to measure a “saved” job, and as noted at the link, the “created” goal keeps moving with economic bad news.

The simple truth is that the economy will recover like it always has, and not only will it do so without any help from Washington, it will do so in spite of Washington.


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